National Standards for Mental Health Services Quilt Project

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Authors: NSW Consumer Advisory Group Mental Health Inc (NSW CAG)

Year: 2003

Event: 2003 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Finalist

Award category: Consumer or Carer Program or Service

Abstract: The National Standards for Mental Health Standards quilt came into being from a meeting organised by representatives from Carers NSW, Mental Health Co-ordinating Council, Northern Beaches Mental Health Service, Northern Sydney Mental Health Consumer Network, NSW CAG, the Consumer Co-ordinator of South Eastern Health Service, and South Western Sydney Consumer Network which formed the Standards Festival Committee. The 2000 National Standards Festival Committee, convened by the NSW Consumer Advisory Group, thought that a quilt could be a discussion point and a way of educating consumers, carers and service providers about the National Standards for Mental Health Services. The Standards Quilt is a giant, beautifully crafted, brightly coloured patchwork quilt with each square designed to represent one of the standards. Consumers, carers, and service providers, amongst others were involved in the massive task of making and assembling the quilt. The creative way that people have depicted each square is testament to the regard consumers, carers and service providers have for the standards. Since its completion the quilt has been displayed at the 2001 NSW CAG Forging Our Future 2 conference, the 2002 TheMHS conference and at Tamworth, and in the Illawarra region. In Tamworth the quilt attracted a lot of media coverage in the regional press. By displaying the quilt NSW CAG has been raising awareness and understanding of the National Standards for Mental Health Services. Description of Facility/Organisation: NSW CAG was formed in response to the National Mental Health Strategy in 1992. Initially the role of NSW CAG was to support the NSW National Community Advisory Group (NCAG) delegate, and to report to the NSW Health minister on the implementation of the strategy. NSW CAG is a state-wide body that provides an ongoing mechanism for consumer and carer input into mental health policy, service development, implementation and evaluation in New South Wales.

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