Neami National Session Recording S026: “Integrating Crisis Respite – Residential and Home-based in South Australia’s stepped mental health system”

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Authors: John Strachan, Kim Holmes

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Service Quality & Reform, neami national recordings neami recordings

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: A diversion from emergency, hospital or acute services for people experiencing mental health deterioration due to social stressors, Crisis Respite – Residential and Home-based was introduced in SA in 2014 as a new component of a stepped system of care. This model is based on the theory: respite in a residential or home-based setting supported by a clinical & psycho-social support team would result in reduced distress and eliminate or decrease the need for emergency, hospital or acute services. This session will share the crisis respite model, the theory underpinning the service and the following learnings thus far:

  • embedding the practice of assessing, facilitating & diverting consumers in crisis from emergency and acute settings

  • mechanisms & approaches facilitating crisis support into practice, alleviating distress and mental health deterioration

  • the limited but still emerging evidence of the effectiveness of crisis respite in responding to deteriorating mental health

  • consumer views of what makes the experience of crisis respite different to emergency, hospital or acute settings.

  • establishing joint venture service delivery systems and program through a Ngo and public sector partnership

Delivered through a partnership approach between Neami National and SA Health, this presentation will assist participants who are interested in innovation, new pathways to care & service delivery implementation.

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