Book of Proceedings: Northwestern Mental Health Consumer And Carer Workforce Development And Support Plan: Consumer And Carer Leadership In Action

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Authors: Michelle Swann and Deb Carlon, VIC

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: 2015 Conference Book of Proceedings, NorthWestern Mental Health (NWMH),

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: NorthWestern Mental Health (NWMH) is one of the largest publicly funded mental health services in Australia and provides comprehensive hospital-based, community and specialist services to youth, adults and aged people across northern and western Melbourne. Consumer and carer participation and leadership within NWMH are increasingly becoming core activities of the organisational governance and management which contributes to improved quality of care and support for consumers and carers engaged with NWMH. Expertise by lived experience is highly valued through consumer and carer participation and leadership activities. These activities have become the focal direction in recent health and mental health service standards, policies and procedures and have been recognised as the most important vehicle in service quality improvement, co-design and innovation. The current lived experience workforce at NWMH comprises Consumer and Carer Consultants, Peer Support Workers, Sessional Consumer and Carer Workers and the newly appointed Consumer and Carer Advisors. The Advisors, in conjunction with the NWMH Executive, have developed a NWMH Consumer and Carer Workforce Development and Support Plan which encompasses four specific workforce levels that are interconnected and explores the various ways in which these respective workforces will be supported.

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