Pathways To Psychiatric Care In Early Psychosis In Young People In Contact With The Early Psychosis Program (Eppic) In Melbourne: Personal Narratives And Consumer Views.

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Authors: Clare Lincoln - Early Psychosis Research Centre

Year: 1994

Event: 1994 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 0646251104

Abstract: Research literature highlights that delay in young people with an emerging psychosis obtaining early treatment is a clinically important issue. When young people are affected by severe mental disorders, there may be long-term negative consequences for individuals, families and society. Clinicians at the Early Psychosis Program (EPPIC) in Melbourne are focusing on early intervention as it promises to reduce the impact of psychotic disorders on peoples lives. Their efforts may be frustrated however if consumers and carers see the pathways to psychiatric care as stigmatising and threatening. Future research should explore the issue of delay through an examination of personal narratives and consumer views. In this way appropriate intervention strategies may be developed to reduce treatment delay whilst making pathways more user friendly. A case-study and consumer views regarding the role of general practitioners in the pathway will be presented. Themes for consideration and discussion are highlighted.

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