PowerPoint S18: System Reform – Navigating the Private Rental Market for Mental Health Consumers

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Authors: Lyn Love, Jane Parish

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Mentis assist, partners in recovery, victoria, advocacy, ttitudes, stigma, discrimination, co-morbidity, innovation, quality, mental health service reform, research & evaluation informing practice, service delivery, implementation, service systems and programs

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Mentis Assist Partners In Recovery Program (PIR), recognised the lack of affordable and available accommodation options on the Mornington Peninsula.
Support Facilitators were identifying that consumers were potentially private rental ready or near ready, but did not quite have the ability and/or resources to manage the process for themselves.
The process of securing private rental accommodation has become a cut-throat process, even without the challenges of mental illness and stigma.
In addition to the general difficulties of accessing private rental as a consequence of a high demand housing market, consumers with mental health also face issues of low income, appropriateness of available rental properties, and discrimination by real estate agents and landlords.
Conjunct to clinical and community mental health supports, these consumers usually require support for other complex issues.
The Private Rental Brokerage (PRB) program enhances access to private rental options and opportunities and builds the capacity of PIR consumers to obtain, maintain and manage private rental properties.
The eligibility criteria for the program has been established to ensure that those people in ongoing crisis, or without adequate living skills are not set up to fail.
In twelve months, the PRB program has housed 16 participants. We outline a single case of how the Private Rental Brokerage Program has supported a client through the process of finding suitable accommodation.

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