PowerPoint S62: Using mixed media to reach into the hearts and minds of the mental health and addiction workforce.

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Authors: Suzette Poole, Richard Woodcock

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Lived Experience, technology, online services & information, workforce, Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui , hamilton, new zealand, nz

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Our values and attitudes shape the way we relate to people. The behaviour of health professionals can either encourage or discourage people experiencing mental health and addictions to seek help and remain engaged with services that can support their recovery.

In the context of pressurised work environments, creating the time and space and designing a communication forum that enables workers to pause and reflect on their own values and attitudes towards people experiencing mental health and addiction problems is a critical step in developing an authentic workforce. Hearing from people experiencing mental health and addiction problems can make an impact on the listeners. But how do those epiphany moments translate into practice change that results in an authentic workforce? This presentation shows how multimedia can be used to create emotional hooks to enable viewers to look into people’s experiences, evoke the imagination, enhance empathic understanding of people experiences and encourage reflection about how actions or inactions impact on the person’s recovery.

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