Providing Mental Health Consumers With Real Housing Choice

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Authors: Angie Cairncross

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Accommodation And Housing, tangata whaiora, new zealand, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 1876939079

Abstract: The supports - based inclusion paradigm is based on the assumption that a person should be supported to live in their own house in an integrated setting with whatever level of support they require in order to be fully involved in the community. It involves consumer owned or rented housing where mobile support workers are available as is necessary to assist people. This allows for a wider range of housing options that reflect people's individual life choices.
This is fundamentally different to how housing has been provided or funded in New Zealand where the support and landlord roles are often combined. Housing is becoming one of the key issues for tangata whaiora as they face issues of affordability, limited availability and discrimination in trying to find housing in the community. These issues do not necessarily resolve themselves by setting up community support work schemes. Key development and support can make for good housing outcomes but they must be done in parallel to community support developments and in a way that promotes housing democracy.
This paper will talk about some of the principles promoted by the Housing Solutions Project to create housing options in the Wellington region and some of the developments that aim to promote housing democracy.

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