RECOMMENDED READING: European Football: The Experience Of Young People With Psychosis

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Authors: Philip Lee Williams, Chris Lloyd, and Michael Paterson, QLD

Year: 2012

Event: 2012 TheMHS Conference

Subject: CONSUMERS, SERVICE-USER, Inclusive communities, YOUTH , schizophrenia

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 978-0-9757653-8-8

Abstract: The benefits of physical activity for health have been well documented and acknowledged. It has been found that physical activity is useful in alleviating negative symptoms of schizophrenia and that it can also act as a possible coping strategy for positive symptoms such as auditory hallucinations. As part of the rehabilitation plan for young people with psychosis, they are provided with the opportunity of playing European football. Football can have a positive role to play in mental health promotion and in the delivery of interventions that impact positively on mental health. In Europe, notably in Italy and the UK, competitive football has been used with people with a mental illness with very good results. Football provides an opportunity for people to work towards a common goal, share in the training, and develop friendships. It is a very normalising activity as following football or going to matches is something done by many people of society. This paper discusses a research project that was conducted to gain a greater understanding of the experience of playing sport for young people diagnosed with an early psychotic disorder from their own perspective.

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