Recommended Reading: What Are My Voices Really Telling Me? Exploring The Symbolism Of Psychotic Experiences With Mentally Ill Offendersthrough The Use Of Story And Metaphor

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Authors: Dr Jim Poulter, VIC

Year: 2003

Event: 2003 TheMHS Conference

Subject: forensic

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 1876939184

Abstract: Over the past four years the author has been involved in a number of existentially oriented group work programs with forensic patients at Thomas Embling Hospital, which is a secure psychiatric hospital in Victoria. The paper traces the course of this work and some of the techniques developed in helping the patients to construct personal meaning from their experiences of illness, offence, hospitalisation, and recovery. These explorations have led to a more integrated approach between group work and individual therapy and these developments are detailed in the paper. The programs are continuing to evolve and have begun to focus more on the use of story and metaphor as vehicles for assisting patients in the ongoing process of meaning construction in their continuing voyage toward recovery.

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