Roadwork’s On Journeys Towards Equality, Respect And Rights For People Who Experience Mental Illness: Excavation Work Around Notions Of Danger In The Mental Health Sector

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Authors: Tessa Thompson, Debbie Peterson, NEW ZEALAND

Year: 1999

Event: 1999 TheMHS Conference

Subject: STIGMA, DISCRIMINATION, MEDIA, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: A barrier to dealing with discrimination against people with mental illness is the contradictions and paradoxes surrounding notions of 'danger' in the mental health sector. The belief that people with mental illness are by definition dangerous, and that mental health services are primarily about providing safety to the community, is common in discourse in many parts of our society.
This presentation will present findings from a study of the mental health literature looking at 'danger' 'risk' and 'violence' in mental health, and deconstructs some of the tensions underlying these concepts. Interaction between the media and the mental health sector is also explored

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