Royal North Shore Hospital and Community Mental Health Service

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Year: 1995

Event: 1995 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Gold

Award category: Comprehensive Catchment Area Service

Abstract: The Royal North Shore Hospital and Community Mental Health Service is an enduring, stable, evolving, progressive system with long-serving staff. It provides a consumer-focussed, mainstream and integrated service which focuses on continuity of care for people with a serious mental illness. A range of services are provided including: crisis intervention, assessment, case management, rehabilitation, residential and intensive mobile care. Staff and managers work together with service-users, families, General Practitioners, and other local community agencies to continually evolve and innovate, and to improve the quality and range of services available. Description of Facility/Organisation: Comprehensive, integrated mental health service (hospital & Community); 170,000 population on the Lower North Shore of Sydney; Multidisciplinary workforce; 85 staff; open 24/7

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