S03: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: First Nations People

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Authors: Tom Brideson, Ian James, Vanessa Browne, Tina Brodie, Patricia Cotton, Pamela Ghebretensae, Noah O’Loughlin-Pinkie, Jaimun O’Loughlin & Tanaya Pichugin-Falciani

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing: What does it look like in services?

Type of resource: Video

This is a TheMHS Conference specially created Yarning Circle for Aboriginal voices to safely be heard, respected and listened to. Yarning Circle On-Stage Presentation Style.
Social and emotional wellbeing is a cornerstone of mental health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Delivering culturally safe and appropriate wellbeing services within current systems and models of care is challenging. However, there are community-led wellbeing models that can be a beacon of hope to States and Territories around Australia, and fulfil a real need. The Wungen Kartup Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service in Western Australia is such a model and has been improving Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing for more than two decades. South Australia is now preparing to develop a similar centre, dedicated to improving the mental health of the Indigenous community and providing viable community-based alternatives.
This Yarning Circle will bring together the voices and experiences of people who are living with mental health and wellbeing issues and people who are developing responses that can work.
There will be a number of contributors to the yarning circle including Ian James, Principal Aboriginal Mental Health Advisor, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, South Australia, will share his journey of developing a similar model for South Australia, which has just received funding approval. Other contributors will share aspects of their lived experience journey and speak about what could have and could still provide the support and environment they need for healing and recovery.
In the year of The Voice, this symposium will live the value of the community being heard, valued and prioritised in the development of mental health and wellbeing solutions that really work.

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