S06: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Responding to Challenges

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Authors: Cate Hale, Kym "Twisty" Schmid, Elizabeth Paton, Fay Jackson, Susan McCarthy , Maurice 'Mozzy' Wilkinson, Megan Paull, Elsa Carr, Cody Gardiner

Year: 2021

Event: 2021 TheMHS Virtual Conference - Melbourne

Subject: Covid, Covid-19, co-design, suicide prevention, Royal Commission

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: S06: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Responding to Challenges


LEAD PRESENTATION: “Hope Is Being Able to See That There Is Light Despite All the Darkness” – Desmond Tutu
Cate Hale & Kym "Twisty" Schmid

PANEL PRESENTATION: A 24 Year Journey to Provide a Witness Statement and Interview to the Royal Commission
Rick Corney

PANEL PRESENTATION: Sharing Stories: Co-Designing Guidelines for Best Practice Communication on Suicide Prevention
Elizabeth Paton

PANEL PRESENTATION: Person-Led and Agile Services: Timely and Critical Responses to COVID and Natural Disasters
Fay Jackson, Susan McCarthy, Maurice 'Mozzy' Wilkinson, & Megan Paull

PANEL PRESENTATION: One Bag of Hope & A Heart Full Of Love | How Lockdown Inspired Change
Elsa Carr & Cody Gardiner

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