S12: Thrive London: Bringing Communities Together

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Authors: Chiara Lombardo, Ed Davie, Daniel Barrett, Josefien Breedsvelt, Antonis Kousoulis

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Thrive London: Bringing Communities Together

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Dr Lombardo is the research lead for Thrive LDN at the Mental Health Foundation, London, where she conducts prevention focused research. Chiara is completing a fellowship in Public Mental Health at the University of East London, and previously worked at Cambridge University where she conducted research on co-production of services.

Thrive London is a citywide movement for better mental health launched in 2017, part of a current global place-based agenda on mental health. The Mental Health Foundation has been supporting Thrive LDN by mapping determinants of mental health in London, and highlighting areas of highest risk for poor mental health by borough. With the aim of identifying effective ways of supporting people and agencies, allocating resources and coproducing local solutions to find ways to improving the pre-determinants of mental health, we delivered 17 community conversations with a total of 1,016 Londoners, including commissioners, providers and those who use services. Thrive LND’s six aspirations guided the conversations (communities take the lead; stigma; children and young people; healthy workforce; services that are there, when and where needed; zero suicide), providing Londoners with a canvas on where to paint their ideal city. A very rich dataset was collected. Some of the solutions proposed share common themes, namely to build resilient communities, and to acquire knowledge and skills so that people can better look after themselves and their neighbours; other solutions are specifically related to each of the six aspirations. Recommendations for partners involved have been developed.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1: Participants will learn about community conversations, and how people can play a more central role in shaping their services and tackle inequalities.

Learning Objective 2: To help find collaborative ways of improving pre-determinants of mental health, in order to enable prevention for everyone and for better mental health outcomes in the community.


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2 Davie E, Lombardo C, Yap J, Eising D, Steadman O, Kousoulis AA. “Londoners said: An analysis of the Thrive LDN community conversations.” London: Mental Health Foundation, 2018.

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