S15: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Evidence into Practice and Workforce

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Authors: Christine Migliorini, Lily Pham, Janice (Jaz) Chisholm, Anna Bosco, Oliver Higgins

Year: 2021

Event: 2021 TheMHS Virtual Conference - Melbourne

Subject: evidence based practice, workforce, education, clinical,

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: S15: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Evidence into Practice and Workforce

LEAD PRESENTATION: Project Work, QA, Evaluation & Research: Scoping Social Work and Occupational Therapy Experiences
Christine Migliorini

PANEL PRESENTATION: Mental Health First Aid: Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation in Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy Curricula
Lily Pham

PANEL PRESENTATION: Clinician Perspectives about working alongside mental health peer workers and having them in service teams
Janice (Jaz) Chisholm

PANEL PRESENTATION: Improving Service Delivery by Translating Women's Perceptions and Experiences of Postnatal Depression Screening for Action
Anna Bosco

PANEL PRESENTATION: Disruptions of The Familiar: Psychosis Echoes Technological Advancement
Oliver Higgins

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