S17: Innovation within the System: Implementing a restorative just and learning culture

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Authors: Kathryn Turner

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 TheMHS Forum

Subject: Implementing a restorative just and learning culture

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: There is growing recognition of the limitations and harms resulting from our current approaches to safety in our healthcare systems, which can lead to limited learning and improvement, and compounds harm for all who are impacted by adverse events. Attempts to address this through traditional ‘Just Culture’ approaches or simplistic concepts of a ‘no blame’ culture have not been effective as they perpetuate an individual and retributive focus rather than systems focus and the disempowerment of those impacted. Increasingly there is recognition that that alignment with a Restorative Just and Learning Culture (RJLC) can lead to significant improvements in healing and the prevention of harm to those impacted including consumers, carers, and staff, and improved learning and improvements following harm. This presentation will describe the concepts, the approach to implementation in a large mental health and drug and alcohol service, and outcomes achieved.

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