S24: Evidence Based Innovations in Programs: Reflections on clinical-lived experience models in responding to crisis and distress

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Authors: Priscilla Ennals, Shane Jakupec, Anna Scheepers

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 TheMHS Forum

Subject: Reflections on clinical-lived experience models in responding to crisis and distress

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: There is increasing recognition that we need to think beyond our current ways of responding to people in crisis and emotional distress. We hear from people seeking support that these responses are frequently not accessible, not timely, not helpful and can cause harm. New service models are trying to offer different ways of responding and bringing different workforces together is part of this shift. This panel will share key reflections on implementing Clinical-Lived Experience Models in the context of Head to Health Centres being delivered by Neami National. These models recognise Clinical and Lived Experience perspective as being equal in dignity and respect, yet different in delivery, creating a space for robust, responsive, and effective support without prefacing one approach over another. For many people, this is a new way of collaborating, requiring a commitment to doing things differently and to reflecting and learning together. How do we implement these models to effectively deliver the promised point of difference? What are the triumphs of such models, what are tensions to work through, and what are the touchpoints to strengthen our learning and understanding as we go?

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