S30: WORKSHOP: Lived Experience Leadership

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Authors: Paula Arro, Kerry Hawkins, Ellie Hodges, Tim Heffernan, Victorina (Vicki) McKenna & Ailsa Rayner

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Lived Experience Leadership: The 'Non Negotiable' pathways for supporting a thriving Lived Experience Workforce

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: In 2021 the National Mental Health Lived Experience Engagement Network (MHLEEN) and the National Mental Health Consumer Carer Forum formalised a 50:50 partnership to undertake co-production of a number of Lived Experience Leadership Projects. One of these projects was focused on the Lived Experience Workforce.
The project scope aimed to follow on from the release of the National Lived Experience Workforce Guidelines that were released in December 2021.
Working with the Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network (LELAN) the scope of the project was to
• conduct a national training needs analysis,
• scope the existing training and capacity building on offer,
• develop a MODEL for enabling progressive, viable and sustainable Lived Experience Workforce and
• provide high level advice and recommendations to make this happen.
The report ‘Pathways for Supporting the ‘Not negotiable’ Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce to Thrive: A scoping paper for formal Lived Experience Expertise training programs and supports’ was completed in January 2023. Recommendations in the scoping paper are aligned with the proposed MODEL to support advocacy and actions that need to be taken to ensure the unique value and transformational impact of Lived Experience is realised by the broader MHAOD sector. This session will include a panel of Lived Experience Leaders who led the co-production of the report and discuss the model and recommendations in more detail.
Five pillars have been developed within the model including:
1. endorsement of and investment in Lived Experience as a discipline and critical workforce
2. Tiered training options accounting for diverse roles, responsibilities, communities, settings and entry points
3. Visible career pathways and progression opportunities
4. Workplace Supports that enable safe, effective and thriving Lived Experience workforce and
5. A professional body providing oversight, development opportunities and advocacy
The five recommendations aligned with the pillars will be detailed and unpacked by the panel which will lead a conversation about what and how these recommendations are currently being implemented and what is not. Conference delegates will have opportunity to workshop areas of interest.
The MHLEEN/NMHCCF are in a unique position to lead the conversation and work in partnership with key committee’s and agencies to ensure action is taken. The session will include actions and negotiations that have taken place since the release of the report in January 2023.
The panel encourages service providers, executives/decision makers, training providers and people with a lived experience to attend the session to co-contribute to progressing activities for a thriving Lived Experience Workforce along with workforce development needs of each of the key stakeholders.
Learning Objective
Increased understanding and commitment to the Lived Experience Workforce Development at a regional, state and national level
The National Mental Health Workforce Strategy along with a number other of key inquiries and strategies have identified and prioritised supporting the further development of the Lived Experience Workforce.
National Mental Health Commission (2021) National Lived Experience Workforce Guidelines
Department of Health (2023) National Mental Health Workforce Strategy (draft)

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