S33: Panel Papers: Clinical Matters (2)

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Authors: Vicki Langan, Rebecca Kohn, Jennifer Aboki, Kate Anderson, Laura Garcelon, Judy Hope, Sophie Harrington

Year: 2021

Event: 2021 TheMHS Virtual Conference - Perth

Subject: physical health, substance use, peer support, care,

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: S33: Panel Papers: Clinical Matters (2)


In a Mental Health Unit, Physical Health Matters
Vicki Langan

The Body Esteem Program; Balancing the System through Integration of Peer Support and Clinical Care
Rebecca Kohn

Mental Health Shared Care for Consumers of Public Mental Health Teams in the Sydney Area
Jennifer Aboki, Kate Anderson, Laura Garcelon

Characteristics of Patients Who Receive Double Depot Medication in a Public Metropolitan Mental Health Service
Judy Hope

Strategies for Success – Working With Individuals and Caregivers Impacted By Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Sophie Harrington

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