S34: Keynote Presentation: Professional and Lived Experience: Reflections on madness, compassion and love within the human to human relationship.

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Authors: Matt Ball

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: So often there is a divide between clinical professionals and people with a lived experience; but what might be harnessed from the whisper of the lived experience within the clinical workforce, and how might the lived experience of clinicians inform their work and the human connection with a person in distress? Drawing on experiences of madness and the journey of being a ‘patient’ in the public system, this presentation will consider how such experiences might inform and contribute to a richer and deeper or ‘right understanding’ of someone else’s reality and the development of a new sense of interconnectedness between the person and the clinician. Additionally, consideration of how the gift of the compassion and love shown in recovery, both as a person in distress and as person trained as a clinician, has informed the development of an approach that appears to lead to what could be called ‘evaporation of Psychosis (Ball and Picot, 20108), within experience of the human to human relationship. Recognising the shared potentials for extreme states (often labelled ‘psychosis’), the shared desires for a ‘co-existing same experience’(ibid) and the possibility for mutual growth, has created spaces in mental health systems for the liminal experience of the ‘psychotic person’ and the ‘professional’ to utilise ritual and creativity as an alternative to the goal orientated roar of the traditional mental health ‘cure’, and witnessing whispers of hope in moments when psychosis appears to evaporate within the human to human relationship.

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