S35: Building Resilience Toward Recovery – Transforming Perceptions through presenting Diverse Lived Experience Perspectives on Community Radio.

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Authors: Ãine Tierney, David Lovegrove

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Building Resilience Toward Recovery - Transforming Perceptions through presenting Diverse Lived Experience Perspectives on Community Radio.

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Ãine Ní Tighearnaigh is a national mental health advocate, multicultural mental health consultant, educator, community radio broadcaster and published poet. As Executive Producer of Transforming Perceptions she presents diverse lived experience perspectives and focuses on de-stigmatising mental illness and promoting mental health & well-being awareness in multicultural and mainstream communities.

David Lovegrove is an interviewer and presenter with Transforming Perceptions radio show. He is a mental health and well-being advocate in the ACT and nationally. He is passionate about developing deeper dialogue around issues affecting people who are disadvantaged in our society. David is also a practicing Stretch Therapist.

Transforming Perceptions, a community radio show in the Canberra region is presented by people with lived and living experience who are active in the mental health and community sector. We offer different viewpoints on subjects that may have direct or indirect links to social, emotional and mental well-being and aim to promote de-stigmatisation of mental illness in the community. The radio show format takes an educative approach with presenters discussing mental health and well-being in a way that does not further entrench negative perceptions of mental illness, cause listeners to feel ashamed, fearful or discouraged from accessing services, treatment and care for themselves or their family members. Our target audience are people of multicultural, migrant and refugee backgrounds living in the ACT and surrounding region. Since the show commenced in September 2010 we now have people listening from across Australia and round the world as far away as Canada, Iceland, Afghanistan, Macedonia, America and Ireland. And, what is more remarkable is how participation in the show has increased the resilience, skills and capacity of the lived experience presenters. We have discovered that by speaking out, sharing our experiences, and hearing others stories we journey together on a path to recovery.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1: The audience will gain a greater appreciation for how the most disadvantaged in the community can be empowered through the medium of community radio to speak out about issues they are passionate about, share stories of hope, challenge ideas, perceptions and views around mental well-being and mental health and increase the knowledge of their communities.

Learning Objective 2: The audience will have a renewed sense of the transformative nature of grass roots engagement and how those with lived experience from diverse cultural backgrounds can bring their perspectives to facilitate a deeper dialogue on topics that are significant for the consumers, carers, their families and mental health services.

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