S36: Youth Hospital in the Home, a pioneer in youth mental health service. Provides an alternate to inpatient treatment for youths aged between 16-24 in the North Metropolitan Region of Perth, WA.

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Authors: Brooke Seebohm

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Youth Hospital in The Home (YHITH) is a pioneer in youth mental health treatment and support. The Western Australian Government service provides daily mental health care in the patient's home or usual place of residence that would otherwise be delivered within a hospital as an admitted patient. YHITH provides clinical services equal to the standard provided in hospital and actively facilitates access to additional community services, if required. These extra supports can help the individual with their day-to-day activities, thus minimising the impact on carers and families. YHITH clinicians work in partnership with the individual and their families or carers for around 14 days to provide intensive support, education and guidance for all parties. YHITH provides patient focused service delivery, and the development of a comprehensive youth stream with a range of services that improve access and coordination between inpatient and community services. Trauma Informed Care and the National Framework for Recovery Orientated Mental Health Services, 2013 acknowledge that hospital admission is often disruptive and a traumatic experience for patients. Service evaluation has shown a significant improvement in patient health care when YHITH admission occurs. Carers have expressed high satisfaction with the quality of care through service feedback.

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