S40: Co-Design Projects at NorthWestern Mental Health

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Authors: Michelle Swann

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Co-Design Projects at NorthWestern Mental Health

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Michelle is the Carer Advisor for NWMH and the Women's Mental Health Consultant for NAMHS in Melbourne. She is a qualified social worker. Michelle is the Chair of the Board for Tandem (representing Victorian mental health carers) and a member of the Board for the Mental Health Carers Australia (MHCA). In the past 18 months NWMH have embarked on several significant co-designed projects that draw upon the expertise of mental health consumers, carers, educators and clinicians within NWMH. These projects range from training for lived experience workers and clinicians to the development of health literacy resources for consumers and carers and the development of infrastructure and new models of care.

Lived experience workers have led the processes for these co-design projects and many of the participants have received co-design training.
Specifically, the co-designed suite at NWMH includes 'Understanding and Responding to Suicidality for Peer Workers' training; the development of 'Recovery Stories', videos of consumers and carers for the NWMH internet site; and infrastructure design and an innovative model of care for the proposed NWMH Women's Prevention and Recovery Centre.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objective 1: Audience members will gain an understanding of co-design principles, the experiences of co-design participants within a clinical mental health setting and an appreciation of the final products created as a result of the co-design process.

Learning Objective 2: Co-design projects within a clinical mental health setting challenge the dominant medical model paradigm and create rich, holistic and responsive outcomes for mental health consumers, carers and clinicians.

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