S40B: Emerging Researchers

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Authors: Jennifer Ma & Stephanie Miles

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Emerging Researchers

Type of resource: Video

Presentation 1: Identifying protective pathways for preventing suicide in the community.
Author: Jennifer Ma
Each year it is estimated that over 700,000 people die by suicide worldwide. Though preventable, suicidal thoughts and behaviours are complex phenomenon influenced by several interacting factors, including personal, social, psychological, cultural, biological, and environmental. This presentation will provide an overview of research conducted, as part of a 2-year Suicide Prevention Australia Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, to: (1) develop and expand evidence around the protective factors against suicide in the community, (2) support the development of stakeholder-informed suicide prevention and intervention initiatives, and (3) refine suicide theory and models to better facilitate their translation in suicide prevention policy and practice.

Presentation 2: A comprehensive understanding of cognitive flexibility in anorexia nervosa.
Author: Stephanie Miles
Poor cognitive flexibility (i.e., difficulties in the ability to effectively adapt to change) has been frequently described as a key symptom of anorexia nervosa and can be observed in strict exercise routines and meal plans. However, the full extent of cognitive flexibility difficulties and their impact during recovery is under-researched.

This presentation will deliver a comprehensive investigation of cognitive flexibility in anorexia nervosa across illness states. Drawing evidence from systematic reviews, neurocognitive tasks, self-report questionnaires, and qualitative interviews, this presentation will provide a nuanced depiction of cognitive flexibility difficulties in anorexia nervosa and consider the implications for treatment and recovery.

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