S41: Lead & Panel Papers: Hospital to Community & Home (1)

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Authors: Rosie Frankish, Haley Bowman, Shane Jakupec, Ingrid Stefan, Laura Hayes, Chris Murphy

Year: 2021

Event: 2021 TheMHS Virtual Conference - Perth

Subject: homelessness, housing, services,

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: S41: Lead & Panel Papers: Hospital to Community & Home (1)


Sustainable Tenancies for Positive Mental Health: Strategies to Improve Outcomes for People Experiencing Homelessness
Rosie Frankish, Haley Bowman

NGO's Subcontracting Hospital Clinical Staff - Learnings from the Implementation of SPconnect
Shane Jakupec, Ingrid Stefan

“This Place Is Like a Springboard”: Empowerment and Independence in the Residential Community Recovery Program
Laura Hayes, Chris Murphy

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