S45: Lived Experience Leadership & Organisational Change

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Authors: Narissa Doumani, Joy Wells, Anna Gould & Elsa Carr

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Lived Experience Leadership & Organisational Change

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Presentation 1: A Relational Approach to Lived Experience Participation: Insights from the Lived Experience Engagement Project Group.
Authors: Narissa Doumani & Joy Wells
Bringing lived experience perspectives and insights into strategy and project planning is imperative for mental health organisations to engage with consumers and communities in safe, inclusive and meaningful ways. Establishing processes to do so in ways that are mutually rewarding for lived experience participants requires navigating complexities, including the power imbalances that exist between services and consumers.
This presentation aims to highlight factors supporting consumer and carer participation as identified through a process co-evaluation of Neami National’s Lived Experience Engagement Project Group.
Neami’s Engagement team convened The Lived Experience Engagement Project Group of 11 consumers and carers from across Australia. Over five months, the group was consulted on key Neami projects including Engagement and Advocacy strategy, a Community Engagement Framework, refreshing the Neami brand and website redevelopment.
A relational approach was taken, informed by Neami’s Collaborative Relational Practice. Prioritisation of trust-building, interpersonal connection and developing a safe space where participants felt valued and listened to resulted in an experience group members found humanising and compassionate.
This presentation will highlight the importance of creating experiences of mutual benefit for organisations and lived experience participants, and factors supporting successful outcomes for all involved.
Learning Objective
Taking a relational approach to consumer and carer participation to create mutually beneficial and rewarding outcomes for mental health organisations and lived experience participants.
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Presentation 2: Lived Experience Experts at Work: In Patient Quality Improvement, an example of consumer leadership (AMAH).
Authors: Anna Gould & Elsa Carr
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be employed as a lived experience advisor on a ward where you were previously a patient and thrown into the deep end of quality improvement projects?
In 2020 Alfred Health engaged a consumer adviser to co-ordinate the IPU Quality Improvement Framework teams. There were four teams addressing: Safe; Effective; Personal, and; Connected Care. Each team met on a regular basis to discuss, plan and evaluate quality improvement initiative at the IPU. The framework was initially co-designed by consumers, carers and staff. Implementation of the Framework was facilitated by the Operations Manager IPU and a consumer adviser, who was a lived experience staff member and former patient.
In this session you will hear from Anna Gould, Consumer Advisor and Elsa Carr, Allied Health Lead about the project, what it was like to be part of the leadership team for the Quality Improvement Framework and some of the pitfalls/challenges that were faced. Many IPU’s now have peer workers, however, this project and role has been unique and with a specific focus. This presentation will discuss implementing the framework and addressing equity, diversity and inclusion as part of a cultural safety plan...
Learning Objective
• How to incorporate Lived Experience into decision making for in patient service improvement
• Ally-ship and the role of allies in supporting Lived Experience roles in public mental health
• Insight into Quality Improvement from a multidisciplinary perspective, inclusive of former patients.

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