S45: The Consumer and The Clinician, Complimentary Partnership; Our Lived Experience.

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Authors: Lee Martinez, Tina Reay

Year: 2019

Event: 2019 TheMHS Conference

Subject: The Consumer and The Clinician, Complimentary Partnership; Our Lived Experience.

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers



Lee Martinez is a Whyalla woman and from a nursing background, who lives and works in country SA providing a lifelong experience and understanding of those residing in rural and remote areas. Lee currently works for the University of SA Department of Rural Health as the Mental Health Academic. Lee’s current research is focused on how the voice of the rural lived experience of mental health consumers and carers can influence practice and services. Their participation in education, service delivery and design can improve the health and well being of people who live with mental health illness.

Tina Reay originally from Scotland, now lives in Port Lincoln is a vibrant, funny and resilient woman. Tina’s experiences span from living with her own mental illness and caring for her children with mental illness, working with health educators to share her life learning's with the passion to enlighten clinicians and students. Tina loves comedy and most recent string to her bow is being a Stand Up for Mental Health Comic!!

Bringing the stories of the lived experience of mental illness into the learning space of health science students (nursing and allied health), rural health practitioners and community significantly increases the knowledge participants walk away with.
The personal stories bring the theory to life as one student commented it is like seeing the person in 3D, makes it real.
In our presentation we will share our journey of developing and implementing co facilitated (mental health consumer, clinician and or academic) mental health educational workshops for rural health clinicians and health science students on rural placement.
We will cover what’s worked, the challenges including systems that don’t accommodate some difference, like how will we pay the consumer, payment vs volunteering. The impact of a person sharing their life stories for learning and how we keep each other safe. The learnings from the clinician, what we sometimes assume and take for granted and how working alongside a person with a lived experience of mental illness and using the system can open one’s eyes to the most obvious in place barriers. The overwhelming feedback received from participants says it all really, however one still needs to fight the system to make this model of education happen.
I look forward to sharing with you this easy to do way of keeping my brain intact and not going around the bend!!
Martinez L 1
1 University Of SA Department Of Rural Health, Whyalla SA, Australia
Tina Reay; Person with Lived Experience of mental illness facilitator

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1: People will gain insight into the what it takes to bring the lived experience to the learning space. How we have overcome the barriers and the techniques used for example the challenges of presenting in rural locations and the use of video conferencing. Further people will learn the importance of keeping the presenters and participants safe.

Learning Objective 2: The topic of people with a lived experience working in equal partnership with mental health clinicians / academics to deliver education to rural clinicians, mental health workers, community and health science students helps shape the service, impacts on how a clinician approaches their practice and brings the importance of compassion in care alive. The lived experience facililitator can talk and demonstrate through their lived experience what works and what doesn’t, the things that made an impact on the life and their journey towards having a better life. This model helps demystify the myths, reduces fear and stigma.


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