S56: FEATURED SYMPOSIUM: Mental Health Commissions: Access to Safe, Inclusive Mental Health Services – A Right?

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Authors: Hayden Wano, Tim Heffernan, Elizabeth Moore, Amelia Callaghan & Lindsay Hale

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Mental Health Commissions: Access to safe, inclusive mental health services – a right?

Type of resource: Video

Humanity, compassion and equity are key elements of a mental health system that incorporates human rights into its culture of care. In Australia and New Zealand, as citizens, we expect that we will have access to good health services when, where and how we need them. But does this always happen? After years of reviews, reports, re-organisations and reforms, have we achieved equitable access to safe, inclusive mental health services? “Are we there yet?”
This session brings together mental health commissions from across Australia and New Zealand. Each of these Commissions are slightly different in the way that they operate and some are in the process of re-organisation themselves. This session gives each of the Commissions the opportunity to focus on one or more of the following aspects of access to services.
The System: How well do our systems and services support the rights of everyone needing mental health care and support?
The Person: What changes are needed in the organisational culture of mental health services to enable person-centred, compassionate care that takes account of the whole person?
The Workforce: Ensuring access to safe, inclusive services is a constant challenge for a pressured mental health services workforce. How could education and training of the workforce better support compassionate and rights-based services?
Due to appointment of new Mental Health Commissioners in some Australian jurisdictions, some speakers will be confirmed close to the time of the conference.

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