S57: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Services Systems Development

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Authors: Simon Kroes, Caroline Walters, Kate Fiske, Tracey Parnell, Kevin Harper, Martin Burke, Carolynne White, Amy Falconer

Year: 2021

Event: 2021 TheMHS Virtual Conference - Melbourne

Subject: services, co-design, lived experience

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: S57: LEAD & PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Services Systems Development


LEAD PRESENTATION: Carers Can Ask: A Co-Produced Resource to Support Carer Participation
Simon Kroes & Caroline Walters

LEAD PRESENTATION: You Can’t Find This in Any Textbook; Co Design and Creativity in Higher Education
Kate Fiske & Tracey Parnell

PANEL PRESENTATION: Actions to Achieve Transformative Aspirations: The ‘Journey’
Kevin Harper & Martin Burke

PANEL PRESENTATION: Embracing Lived Experience to Support Systems Change within a Community-Managed Mental Health Organisation
Carolynne White & Amy Falconer

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