S59: Teaching Trauma –What are the next generation learning about trauma? What should they be taught? The Trauma Syllabus for Undergraduate and Clinical Psychologists

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Authors: David Gleaves

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Therapeutic approaches to trauma are experiencing a renaissance. With the inclusion of trauma-informed care and practice in Government policy, and the new classifications of C-PTSD in DSM 5 and Complex Trauma in ICD 11, there has been a renewed focus on treatments for people with complex (non-single incident) trauma histories. Inquiries and Royal Commissions into childhood abuse have led to renewed focus on the practical ability for clinicians and care workers to meaningfully acknowledge and address trauma as part of their work. While each profession continues to review concepts of trauma within their own discipline, it is unclear how or what the shared principles are for teams to be able to “speak the same language” when it comes to providing a trauma-informed environment. This symposium will provide a platform for educators in Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing and Peer Work to outline the conceptual frameworks that each discipline works within when training future practitioners to recognise and respond to trauma. Each panellist is at the forefront of syllabus development for their professions, and will provide insight on the scientific, social, political and cultural contexts that they work within. SPEAKERS & TOPICS: David Gleaves, Professor of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of South Australia in Adelaide Topic: The trauma syllabus for undergraduate and Clinical Psychologists. Rod McKay, Director Psychiatry and Mental Health Programs, NSW Health Education & Training Institute Topic: The trauma syllabus for medical practitioners and Psychiatrists. Nicholas Procter, Chair – Mental Health Nursing, University of South Australia Topic: The trauma syllabus for generalist and mental health nurses. Indigo Daya, Human Rights Advisor, Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Topic: The trauma syllabus for Peer Workers and consumer perspectives on trauma-informed care and practice.

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