S94: Snapshots: Therapeutic Photography Group Activity in Waratah Adult Mental Health Unit.

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Authors: Aileen Lane

Year: 2017

Event: 2017 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Wellbeing,Change, Innovation, Reform,Lived Experience, Recovery

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Snapshots is a therapeutic photography group program which has provided the opportunity for nurses to strengthen their collaborative partnership with consumers. Photography has allowed consumers to capture moments which provide meaning to their lived experience and empowers them to share their stories amongst their peers in a therapeutic environment. Consumers were provided with a tailored photography package and were guided by nurse to explore their surroundings during supervised leave and reflect on their current mental state and recovery through the use of a journal. At the end of each week, consumers were encouraged to discuss and reflect on their week with their peers. With consumer consent, a slide show was displayed each week to showcase the work of the consumers and this was exhibited in the reception area for consumers, visitors and staff to view. During the feedback process, consumers identified that they have benefited from this program through increased socialization, improvements in physical health and psychoeducation. They have found it has enabled them to reflect on their recovery journey and better understand how their emotions and feelings were influenced by the world around them. Consumers reported that discussing their emotions and experiences with their peers and nurses was therapeutic. The program has shifted the ward culture and strengthened the partnership with consumers in their recovery journey. This project has paved the way to move forward in partnership with consumers and develop further initiatives based on the feedback received during the evaluation process.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives 1: The audience will be informed about the effectiveness of using photography and reflection in addressing issues such as socialisation, physical health & psychoeducation in mental health.

Learning Objectives 2: The project has significant value in mental health as it focuses on the importance of consumer-centred care and nurturing partnerships with consumers by delivering safe and quality nurse led group activities in an acute mental health unit.

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