Second Chance Enterprise

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Authors: Second Chance Enterprise Inc.

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Silver


Abstract: Second Chance had its beginnings in 1989 as a modest venture at creating rehabilitation with a difference in the unused basement of Villa 6 at Porirua Hospital. Villa 6 was a ward for young men who suffered from chronic psychotic disorders. Many had dual problems associated with abuse of Marijuana. The most debilitating aspect of their illness was the negative symptom of lack of motivation. The Nursing staff of Villa 6 examined what motivated them to come to work in the mornings. The key factors were a sense of pride in a job well done and money. With these key factors the innovative staff of Villa 6 started a small Co-operative in the basement of Villa 6 to restore furniture for sale. The profits would go into purchasing more furniture for restoration and paying a reasonable wage for the workers in the Co-op. A staff member purchased a van and donated it to the Co-op and an ex-client donated some furniture. From these very modest beginnings Second Chance has formed a Trust and the majority of the Board consists of employees. The business moved from the basement of Villa 6 and when the ward was closed down, the staff converted a dormitory of the Oban Villa into a shop. The business expanded and moved to the old Laundry, which had to be done up by Second Chance to make it habitable and acceptable for running a business from. The formation of a Trust enabled Second Chance to become an independent business apart from the Hospital. The Health Reforms at this time enabled the business to receive funding from the Health Funding Authority, for providing a Day Programme. The introduction of Zoo Doo into the business from our enterprising manager, Peter Jan, has made Second Chance the successful business it is today. There is a major branch in Auckland associated with Auckland Zoo and employs 15 consumers. There are 7 franchises of Second Chance, Zoo Doo, businesses in New Zealand associated with other Mental Health rehabilitation groups. Second Chance has employed on an average in Wellington 70 mental health consumers, this year. Many of these have become full-time employees, have come off the sickness benefit, and some have even purchased their own flats. Description of Facility/Organisation: Second Chance offers a rehabilitation service with a difference. It provides the employee an opportunity to get paid for the hours they can work. It provides a work ethic for the consumer and a choice of work experiences from running the business, taking orders, marketing, producing the Zoo Doo, (manufacturing), mobile delivery service, restoring furniture, and selling on the shop floor. The focus of recovery from a chronic mental health illness is on a work ethic and a feeling of pride and satisfaction in their own personal achievements. The debilitating effects of amotivation caused from chronic schizophrenia have been eliminated through employment in a supportive environment and commitment to the business through ownership and contribution to the management of the business. There has also been a marked reduction in readmission to acute inpatient units, with acute presentation of their illness. Six of the original employees, who have been with the business since the days of Villa 6 have not had any acute readmissions to inpatient units over the past 10 years. The business is very successful and the only clinical involvement is when the case manager of an employee is called to see their client, if they are unwell, or they may have to attend follow up appointments. An important point of success is to keep the “illness” away from the workplace and employees are treated with respect for their personal achievements and self-motivation. Information can be found on our web site The other web site is

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