Series of articles on Youth suicide and Depression

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Authors: Geelong Advertiser JOURNALISTS Nicole Mayne and Daniel Fogarty

Year: 2002

Event: 2002 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Winner

Award category: Regional Print Press

Abstract: “Following letters and phone calls to the Geelong Advertiser late last year it became very obvious to the editorial staff that a serious problem existed in the working class suburb of Lara, north of the city. We were aware that the subject of suicide in the young was extremely sensitive and needed to be treated tenderly, telling the stories while at the same time offering potential solutions as well as hope. Nichole Mayne began the series with articles on affected families and students banding together to help sufferers of depression. Daniel Fogarty’s special report of December 13 covered the topic in the way we had foreseen during news conferences. He told the tragic tale of 18-year-old suicide Dominic Frattin, related the pain of those left behind], found counsellors and those who advocated forums and provided a list of those groups which could offer help in a crisis. Nichole completed the series with the report revealing that mental health related calls to Lifeline Geelong had increased by almost a third over 12 months. Her report contained a positive sign, that an increase in suicide related calls demonstrated greater community intervention.” Grief over loss leads Joan into action May 22, 2001 Students help ease youth depression July 3, 2001 More calls for help September 8, 2001 Son’s suicide haunts those left behind December 7, 2001 Lara’s silent tragedies and Lara’s tale of tragedy December 13, 2001 (Edited excerpt from the entry form written by Fiona Welsh). Description of Facility/Organisation:

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