Session 2: ePoster – People who use amphetamine-type stimulants and access treatment through CADS Auckland: What we know, what we might expect in the future. (Audio & Slides)

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Authors: Alistair White

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: amphetamine, CADS auckland, new zealand, amphetamine type stimulant consumption (frequency, route of use, and severity of dependence)

Type of resource: Summer Forum Presentations & Papers

Abstract: Introduced by author, Alistair White, Alcohol & Drug practitioner (methamphetamine focus) from CADS Auckland NZ.

Aim: This e-poster presents highlights of findings from an exploration of the data sets of clients diagnosed with amphetamine problems who have accessed CADS Auckland.

Method: Statistics were analysed from raw electronic data for CADS Auckland for 6-monthly periods from 1 July 2011 to 31 Dec 2015. The data includes their demographic information, diagnoses, Severity of Dependence Scale and family involvement in treatment. Attendance data is used as an estimate of treatment demand. The NZ household health survey and census population are used to estimate treatment need.

Results: The statistics, give a sense of this client population, their demographic profile and the overall numbers of this population which appears to be on the increase. The results show amphetamine type stimulant consumption (frequency, route of use, and severity of dependence). The gap between treatment demand and treatment need is shown and explored across ethnicity.

Discussion: Increasing numbers of clients with amphetamine problems have been accessing CADS Auckland. When support people are involved in treatment clients remain in treatment longer.

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