Session 3: Methamphetamine psychosis: Overview and treatment issues. (Audio)

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Authors: Amanda Baker

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: Cracks in the ice? Illicit drugs and the mental health impact on our communities. 2016 Summer Forum, Ice, Methamphetamine psychosis, effective treatments, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing techniques and general counselling, poly-drug use

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: Amanda gave us an extensive overview of the effects of methamphetamines and effective treatments. She argued that there are many skilled clinicians, we just need to close the gap between users who also have a mental health disorder asking for help, and health services being able to deliver the appropriate treatments.

Amanda Baker is Co-Director, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence In Mental Health and Substance Use, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle.

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