Session Resources S028: “Working with Psychosis and Families – hYEPP”

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By September 3, 2015 No Comments

Authors: Brian O'Neill

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: early psychosis, young people, family, families and carers

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Innovative Approaches to Working with Families and Carers of Young People in Early Psychosis – Everything Old is New Again.
The early development of psychosis impacts on the individuals affected and on those around them and may be both a cause and a consequence of family/relationship difficulties. Psychosis (both emergent and established) can have an enormous impact on the family system, as it can lead to bewilderment, fear, grief and suffering for both the person and their families. Family includes all types of families such as nuclear, extended, blended, single-parent, heterosexual and same-sex couples. With early psychosis most young people are living with their families when psychosis begins. The combined aim of alleviating distress in families and maximizing client prognosis suggests the importance of the provision of support to families.
This lecture will present a tripartite approach in working with families, carers and other important relationships for young people at risk of psychosis. It explains how much earlier work of McFarlane with Expressed Emotion (EE) and current collaboration with Relationships Australia, sees our early psychosis service engaging in 1. co-case management, 2. intensive couple and family interventions and 3. multiple family interventions.

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