Shame, trauma and self-harm: When self-harm is a sane response to an insane world (Slides)

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Authors: Merinda Epstein, VIC

Year: 2012

Event: 2012 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: 2012 Summer Forum, confronting self harm

Type of resource: Summer Forum Presentations & Papers

Abstract: Merinda Epstein has a long standing interest in self-harm. She has conducted research on the views of over two hundred people about self-harm and the place it plays in their lives. She has a strong interest in harm-minimisation, the civil and human rights of people who self-harm, the institutional response to overt self-harm, the traumatising and re-traumatising role of accident & emergency departments and the expulsion of so many people who self-harm from service delivery systems. She also has a keen interest in invisible self-harm and the challenge childhood trauma has on the health and mental health system. Many people do: “are you OK?” extremely well and yet they self-harm regularly to maintain their sanity. Merinda started self-harming at 14. She still uses self-harm to deal with dissociation and traumatising memories.

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