St Vincent’s Mental Health Service General Practice Shared Care Program

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Authors: St. Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne)

Year: 2002

Event: 2002 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Shared Care Program

Abstract: The St. Vincent’s Mental Health Service (SVMHS) General Practice (GP) Shared Care program consists of a range of activities that have been implemented since 1996, under the co-ordination of the Shared Care Committee. This committee’s aim is to ensure a coordinated, service wide approach to the promotion of effective working relationships between SVMHS, the Divisions of General Practice, and local GPs. The Shared Care Committee is an active and innovative Committee, which has achieved significant reforms in service delivery at the local level. There is also opportunity to influence national reforms through activities undertaken as part of the National Demonstration Project: Public and Private Partnerships in Mental Health Project. The committee achieves this aim through activities that; • promote involvement of GPs in the care of all consumers of the SVMHS; • provide forums for regular and ongoing discussion between SVMHS and the Divisions of General Practice; • develop systems to that facilitate communication and shared care arrangements between GPs and SVMHS; • develop and implement educational activities for GPs and SVMHS staff; and • monitor the involvement of GPs within SVMHS. The SVMHS GP Shared Care Program is innovative, unique and successful as evidenced by its sustained expansion of activities over time. Description of Facility/Organisation: St. Vincent’s Mental Health Service (SVMHS) is a publicly funded area mental health service under the auspices of the Sisters of Charity Health Service, Melbourne. It is responsible for the management of an adult area mental health service including a 39 bed acute inpatient service, two community mental health centres each with approximately 400 registered consumers and a 20 bed community care unit and extended residential rehabilitation service. There are approximately 188 clinical EFT staff and a budget of $17,500,000 provided by the Department of Human Services, Victoria. The service also has responsibility for the following state-wide and regional mental health services: the Victorian Dual Disability Service, The Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit, the Northern Dual Diagnosis Service, The Inner Urban East Primary Mental Health and Early Intervention Service and the Victorian Aboriginal Mental Health inpatient service. In addition, the service is participating in a collaborative project with The Melbourne Clinic (a private psychiatric hospital). This project (The Public and Private Partnerships in Mental Health project) is a Commonwealth funded National Demonstration Project in Integrated Mental Health.

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