Supporting Carers of People with Mental Illness Project

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Authors: Carers SA

Year: 2010

Event: 2010 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: SA

Award level: Finalist

Award category: Family/Carer Provided Services

Abstract: Carers SA provides a unique suite of programs to support Carers of people with mental illness and young Carers in 5 regions of SA. Services offered include: • Peer and social support –Carers SA run activities for Carers such as Carer Support Groups with the aim to expand the Carer’s social structure and provide them with opportunities to access peer support • Emotional support • Information –Carers SA produce tailored Carer information packs that include information on the illness of the care recipient, as well as coping strategies to assist the Carer to cope with their caring role • Education and Training –Specific workshops have been developed for Carers and service providers and are delivered across SA • Carer Mentor Program –Carers are engaged to act as Mentors for other Carers who require guidance in their Caring journey Carers SA has developed a unique service model to ensure that we provide support to over 500 Carers across South Australia including services in isolated and remote locations. Description of Facility/Organisation: Carers SA is a membership based community organisation (an incorporated association). Carers SA was founded 20 years ago with the vision of providing a voice for family Carers and an association to assist Carers to find support. We receive a range of State and Federal Government funding with 50.64 FTE staff across 10 locations in South Australia. We provide a range of state-wide services and in approximately half of South Australia we offer local Carer Support Services to provide practical help in their day to day Caring role. Carers SA has approximately 6,500 members but offers services to all Carers, their families, service providers and professionals to increase awareness of knowledge of Carer issues. Services include: Respite, Peer Support Groups, connection to wide range of services across the state, Carer Counselling, education and training, Carers of people with a mental illness program, young Carer programs and a range of other specialist services.

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