SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Art Psychotherapy In An Inpatient Forensic Psychiatric Service: Excerpts From The Patient – Therapist Dialogue

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Authors: Maree Brogden, New Zealand

Year: 2010

Event: 2010 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765364

Abstract: Within the forensic psychiatric service, people are diagnosed with a mental illness, while incarcerated in a secure setting for an offence that most often occurred while the person was mentally unwell. Although individuality, empowerment, hope and reconnection are synonymous with mental health recovery, they are contradictory within the custodial environment where one of the main concerns is to provide community safety.A person-centred art psychotherapy process places the individual central to its development. This approach provides an opportunity for an active participation in the recovery process. The person who is motivated to participate in therapy is more likely to resolve recidivist behaviour. This paper will give an introduction to the forensic psychiatric setting, discuss the implications for a person-centred art psychotherapy approach, and provide an overview of an art psychotherapy process in the context of a multidisciplinary team approach.

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