Te Ata

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Authors: West Auckland Mental Health Support Trust

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Bronze


Abstract: Te Ata is a wonderful mental health facility in West Auckland. A group of consumers brought this centre into being, planning and nurturing it from conception to fruition. The centre is consumer run, and operated and opened in October 1998. Since that time Te Ata has thrived fulfilling a huge need in West Auckland. The Ata offers support, recreation, courses, information and networking for people who experience mental ill health. It is a centre that members have made their own. It has a warm and welcoming environment where people find acceptance and a sense of family. Members use the centre according to their own needs that are many and varied. With a sense of safety, belonging, caring and empowerment Te Ata is successful and flourishing and a credit to a consumer initiative. Description of Facility/Organisation: Te Ata is a consumer service – initiated by consumers, governed by consumers, operated by consumers and for consumers. Te Ata is available to all mental health sufferers in West Auckland over the age of 18. Te Ata is open from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive – 10.00am to 4.30pm. Our centre is operated on a budget of $113,500 per annum. This covers all costs. Our primary funder is the Ministry of Health with Waitemata District Health Board paying the staff wages. Our membership numbers are approximately 300. We have an average attendance of 30 people per day. Attendances and member activity/regularity depends on the needs and wellness of the individual so numbers are not static and are necessarily informal to cater for the needs of the individual. Approximately 70 people per week attend courses and organised activities. There are two staff members, their hours equal to 1.3 FTEs. Te Ata engages 15 consumer volunteers and 3 consumer tutors. Trustees have a 71% consumer representation.

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