The Caring Together Art Journal Project : Using Art And Narratives To Enable Partnership Between Carers And Clinicians

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Authors: Helen Wilding, Lynne Ruggiero and Peter McKenzie, Vic

Year: 2011

Event: 2011 TheMHS Conference

Subject: CLINICAL ISSUES, INNOVATION, CHANGE, storytelling, art therapy

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765371

Abstract: An innovative new training resource for mental health clinicians working with families and carers, the Caring Together Art Journal Project presents the carer journey through a public mental health service using art journals, mind maps and narratives. Available online at, this is a family directed project promoting carer participation and collaboration with clinicians. Training resources include slideshows and “conversation starters” which work towards creating a culture of mutual respect and understanding. An interactive gathering place for carers and clinicians, the website also offers a supportive environment for carers - proving that they are not alone, sharing wisdoms learnt, practical ways to cope and links to reputable information on mental health and carer issues. Through visual storytelling, this project presents a compelling argument for working together, and aims to start a conversation between clinicians and carers on how this can be achieved in a spirit of collaboration and goodwill.

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