The Dilemmas Faced By NGOs As Their Roles Expand In The Mental Health Sector

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Authors: Natasha Posner, Justin McNab, NSW

Year: 2002

Event: 2002 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Consumer Role and Advocacy book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: This paper will explore the role NGOs play in the mental health sector paying particular attention to the dilemmas they may face as their services expand, and they integrate more closely with existing public and private mental health services. The issue of NGOs filling a service gap left by other mental health services and doing things in ways that formal private and public mental health services cannot, will be addressed. The paper will use the participation of NGOs involved in the Mental Health Integration Project in the Illawarra to illustrate points made. Issues surrounding the accompanying increasing professionalism required and the dilemma this creates concerning consumer and volunteer participation will also be explore.

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