The Holding Of Hope And Working Towards Family Recovery

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Authors: Peter McKenzie, VIC

Year: 2007

Event: 2007 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765333

Abstract: Although the notion of recovery may represent a possible terrain of mutual benefit and a shared vision of hope between family members suffering a mental illness, their families and services, it has not entered into the various discourses in any direct or meaningful way. The meanings of recovery in terms of family experience and carer role are often left unexplored. Drawing on my research and therapeutic work with carers and families living with mental illness, I describe a number of practices that centre on the dynamics of hoping, ways of holding hope and exploring possibilities. To research the balance between maintaining a ‘holding environment’ of safety and tending to relational limits and self-care, attention is paid to family/carer experiences and local knowledge. The hope for this paper is to begin to sketch a vision and possible practices of care that lead towards recovery of family relationships.

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