The Living Well Project: Reporting On A Joint Project By Service Providers To Improve Health Outcomes For Older People Living Independently

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Authors: Vicki Johns, SA

Year: 2007

Event: 2007 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765333

Abstract: The “Living Well” Project was a collaborative project between the Supportive Community Services Division of Elderly Citizen Homes of South Australia Inc. (ECH) and Southern Mental Health Services for Older People (SMHSfOP), designed to address the loneliness and social isolation issues, which research indicates to be increasingly prevalent among older people, impacting negatively on their health. The goal of the project was to effect improvement in the social and emotional wellbeing of an identified at risk group of residents in Independent Living Units. One hundred and seven Independent Living Units residents completed two questionnaires and received a mental health clinical assessment from the SMHSfOP Project Officer. Any residents identified with loneliness were offered the chance to participate in the development of interventions to overcome this. Primarily the interventions focused on specific problem identification and the development of individualised support plans and health and wellness activities. The project provided an opportunity for SMHSfOP to explore a primary health care role in promoting healthy ageing. For ECH the outcome of the information and insights generated by the project has been the development of a new model of practice for the ECH coordinators in working with their residents.

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