Book of Proceedings: The Reasons for Use Package: Development Research and Implementation Lessons for the Field

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Authors: Kevan Myers, Simon Kroes, Sarah O’Connor, Melissa Petrakis, VIC

Year: 2016

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Book of Proceedings 2016, conference papers, proceedings papers, (RFUP), Nexus Dual Diagnosis Service, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne), Neami National and Monash Universit

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 978-0-9945702-1-5

Abstract: Paper from TheMHS Conference 2016 Book of Proceedings: People. Authenticity Starts in the Heart. The Conference was held in Auckland, New Zealand 23 - 26 August 2016.

Background: The Reasons for Use Package (RFUP) was designed by Nexus Dual Diagnosis Service, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne), to facilitate therapeutic conversations about dual diagnosis issues. It assists in collaborative treatment planning between staff and consumers. It includes the Reasons for Use scale, a menu of possible interventions and a staff mentoring process. Methods: From a 2012 Quality Improvement Pilot, Nexus, Neami National and Monash University have collaborated to build the evidence base. A national research comparison has taken place, with an intervention group of Neami National Victorian staff compared with a matched cohort in NSW. Groups were surveyed at 3 time points: baseline, training and mentoring. Consumers involved in the research were offered a feedback questionnaire, and further qualitative data was collected from focus groups. Results: Over 100 Neami National staff have participated, with findings that the RFUP resource significantly increased staff confidence and dual diagnosis knowledge.

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