Tiwi Health Board Youth Services Project

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Authors: Tiwi Health Board

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NT

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Mental Health Promotion or Mental Illness Prevention Program or Project

Abstract: The Tiwi Health Board was created to empower Tiwi people to improve health by taking control of service delivery. It is one of several like bodies allocated government resources to enable communities to take control of their health. Its direction is determined by Tiwi people who use and work within the service, in conjunction with community leaders. While it came into existence in 1996, it has long been a desire of Tiwi leaders to take charge of their own health services. Several programs are under way, including clinics, and are being delivered and developed to support cultural life on the Islands, the sharing of knowledge between elders and youth, and the exploration of issues challenging youth living in a remote area of the Territory are encapsulated in the statement: "Empowered by its people, the Tiwi stride toward a healthier life" Description of Facility/Organisation: This program evolved out of a direct request from the Tiwi people to assist and implement projects to assist the younger members of the communities on the Tiwi Islands. Projects range from a "Drop in Centre" Bush camps, leadership programs and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The Youth Service is run by a Manager in Darwin, but supported by Youth Workers and Life Promotion personnel in the communities. It is self directed and motivated from and within the communities. The main slant of the service is the wellbeing of the youth in the Islands and this includes suicide prevention and support relating to spiritual/mental aspects of life. The Youth Services under the auspices of the Tiwi Health Board has been going for approximately two years. There is still a long way to go, but with the support of the Tiwis, we envisaged this passage through youth to adulthood to be as non-threatening as possible.

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