To Measure Or Not To Measure: The usefulness of clinical outcome measurement in improving services for young people.

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Authors: Liz Temple

Year: 2000

Event: 2000 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, SHOWCASE, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Young People - Prevention & Early Intervention (YPPI) Centre, Gosford, NSW

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: The decision of whether or not to implement an evaluation component into an existing service is difficult. There are many hurdles including staff and client attitudes and the logistics involved in allocating the time, effort and resources required for such a project. However, program evaluation is essential if services are to provide effective and appropriate treatment to those in need, and if a service is to attract additional funding. The first step to implementing a research project involves determining what it is that is to be gained through the research: What questions are to be answered and how will this information be used in planning future service delivery? The YPPI experience involved many obstacles, but the information gained from the process was essential in providing a better service for the young people on the programme and the research was instrumental in gaining additional funding.

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