Book of Proceedings: Translating A Clinical Tool Into A Recovery Framework – A Peer Workforce Intervention

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Authors: Peter Farrugia and Jeanette Rodriguez, NSW

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Conference

Subject: 2015 Conference Book of Proceedings, RichmondPRA , Camberwell Assessment of Need Short Appraisal Schedule (CANSAS)

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: RichmondPRA implements a structured approach to identifying barriers to mental health recovery and offers the Camberwell Assessment of Need Short Appraisal Schedule (CANSAS) to support individuals to reflect on aspects of their life. However some RichmondPRA staff were reluctant to use the tool, due to confusion around the gap between the clinical assessment and the recovery ethos and principles of the organisation. The RichmondPRA peer workforce developed and led an interactive, recovery-focused workshop to engage staff and change attitudes to the tool, to promote improved understanding of the tool across the diverse workforce. The result: A well-trained workforce with renewed vigour and passion for supporting individuals; greater CANSAS uptake rates; passionate and sincere engagement with constructive, result-driven outcomes; mental health service reform and an improved appreciation for the role lived experience plays in mental health service delivery and implementation.

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