Treatment Planning For Consumers With Personality Disorders And Complex Needs In A Public Mental Health Service

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Authors: Anna Banfai, VIC

Year: 2009

Event: 2009 TheMHS Conference

Subject: EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE, employment; specified disorders

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765357

Abstract: Case managers and other clinical staff in public mental health settings often find that working with consumers with personality disorders and complex care needs challenges them both professionally and personally. In addition, it is necessary to coordinate the many services that are often involved, both within the mental health service and in the community. This paper describes a treatment planning process that involves regular (usually monthly) meetings with the consumer's key service providers (case manager, doctor, therapist, representatives of crisis support, inpatient unit and other agencies). Consumers and family members/carers are involved in the planning process with the case manager and, occasionally, in the larger meetings. The meetings are facilitated by a Complex Care Coordinator whose focus is on the key principles of evidence-based practice as well as providing support for staff involved in a complex process. Feedback from case managers and challenges that have emerged in the process are discussed. What has been learnt from a two-year process of Complex Care Coordination and the tasks for area mental health services wanting to introduce a similar process are outlined.

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